Reaction Drills

If you have one of the orange Katchet boards available at your club, then these can be really useful for training reaction catches for keepers and elders.

Set Up:

For this simple yet highly effective drill, you just need one of the orange boards, and a stump, to work with your keeper/s. The orange board provides variation as though the ball has moved slightly off the pitch, or the batsman has deviated the ball with an edge. Set it out as per the video, about 3-4m away from the stump.


Get your keeper set up into a half crouch position, with their hands low, fingers just off the ground. Either the coach or one of the other keepers needs to feed the ball at an appropriate pace onto the orange board so that it reaches the keeper at a height between half way up the stump and the top of the stump. Try working with sets of 6 clean takes in a row, then having a breather or swapping keeper. See how many ‘clean’ sets with no drops your keepers can perform in a row.


Slower/ Softer: 

For less experienced keepers, you can have the board a bit further away, and throw it or hit it onto the board a bit more slowly. Or you can use a softer ball (‘Incrediball’) and keep the speed up, challenging your keeper/s but minimising risk of injury.

Faster Feed:

If you want to test your keeper with a faster feed, or just change things up, then try hitting the ball off the face of a bat onto the orange board. This takes a bit of practice but if you can do it then it adds real pace to the drill for the more advanced keeper.

Footwork Challenge:

Line the board and the feed up so that it is directed to the left of the stump, but get the keeper to start in a position to the right of the stump. This will get them to work at leg-side takes, although there will still be an element of variation from the angles of the board. Repeat this starting from the opposite side.