Pick up and return throws

Set Up

Have the coach/feeder on a stump, and then four markers set out in a square measuring approximately 10m x 10m. The front edge of the square should be 5m from the stump, with the stump half way between the two front markers.


The player’s goal is to start by the stumps and then run in a ‘figure of 8’ around the RED marker, then YELLOW marker, then BLUE, then WHITE, back to RED and across to YELLOW. As the player runs between each pair of markers, they receive a feed from the coach to be intercepted approximately half way, which they have to return as quickly as possible. This involves a range of different pick-ups and returns with balls on different angles and different distances from the stumps.

1) Running across the front ( flick it back)
2) Running away to the back marker (pick up then re-align feet for throw)
3) Running across the back line (pick up, align, throw)
4) Running back towards start marker (cut the angle off , throw or flick depending how close)


Other way:

Get the players to start from the opposite front cone, so that they are receiving all of their feeds running in the opposite direction.


Break it down:

Instead of getting the player to do all of the stations in one go (which is great for fitness!), get them to try each pick-up and throw individually, then wait on the next cone. This means they will get an isolated chance to practise each skill.



You can get a bit funky with the flicks at the front. If a right-hander is running across from right to left, they may want to try flicking the ball between their legs back into the coach – it might just be quicker… try it out!