All Fours Warm up

Here’s a good variation on a team warm-up – especially if you want to warm your players’ shoulders up before they go into a load of fielding drills.

Set Up

Set out a squared off area with some markers, which should be appropriate for the number of players you are working with (e.g. if you have 10 players start with a 10m x 10m square).


Once the players have run around and got moving, get them all to settle down into a press-up position, with hands and feet on the floor and the rest of their body in a straight line. Now ask them to move around in all different directions, with only their hands and their feet touching the ground – trying to keep their bums down! This really gets the whole body going and gets the shoulders firing ready for some throwing. Ask them to crawl like they are Spiderman, getting their knees up near their armpits, as well as moving forwards, backwards and sideways.


High Five:

To add a bit more fun to the drill, get the guys to give each player they come up to a high- five, whilst still balancing on hands and feet! If they can all do this without falling over, then get them to do high- fives with each hand alternately at each new person.


Get the balls involved:

If you think they are up to it, get a few balls into the arena (incrediballs or tennis balls to minimise risk of injury). As they approach another player, get them to try and pass the ball between them, before moving to the next person.