Pro's Tips

Matt Maynard - England & Glamorgan CC

“When training at any age, it’s important to make the practice enjoyable
and appropriate to the skills you will need in a game. Whether it is in
warm-up games, fielding practise or batting and bowling in the nets,
players need to challenge themselves to perform as they would do in a
match-situation. Providing a competitive and enjoyable environment
every session will keep them coming back and improving all the time.“

Ian Harvey - Australia & Hampshire CC

“Fielding has become such an important part of one-day and Twenty20
cricket, and can make the difference between winning and losing a
game! I always make sure that I’m practicing my skills at catching,
throwing at stumps and making diving stops. This gives me the best
chance of fielding well in a match situation…… it’s great fun if
you can make the drills competitive PRO TIP and challenging!”

James Foster - England & Essex CC

“The first thing I think is that I want to catch every single ball that is within
my reach – at the end of the day this is what wicketkeeping is all about! In
order to be in a position to achieve this goal, it is vital that I practice
catching balls at all different heights, angles and trajectories. I love training
with the guys – the fact that its fun means I look forward to turning up every day!"

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